Test Leads - Alligator 30mm Small Clip SKU: 172113

Test Leads – Alligator 30mm Small Clip

$8.75 USD

Set of 10 leads with alligator clips on both ends. Essential for most testing or prototyping.

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$8.75 USD
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Wires with grabber-nabbers. In multiple colors. These are the thinks you usually see the in a movie, where the hero uses one clip to a circuit board to bypass security systems, or disable the bomb. In short, they have great screen-presence.

In real-lift, a decent set of alligator clip test leads are essential for any sort of testing or prototyping. If you don’t have a set in your work kit, these will fill the gap nicely.

  • Set of 10 leads.
  • 2 each of Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow.
  • Cable Length of 30cm (12″)
  • Camera crew and action-movie-script not included

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Dimensions 19 × 10.5 × 2.5 cm




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