28 x 13mm Traction Wheel Assembly - Internal Set Screw SKU: RW2i

28 x 13mm Traction Wheel Assembly – Internal Set Screw

$3.95 USD

These 28mm diameter (almost 1-1/8″) wheels are ideal for mini-sumo robotics, with internal set-screw mounting and 3mm axle hole

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$3.95 USD
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This high-performance wheel features a silicone rubber molded wheel on a lathe-machined aluminum hub. The hub is narrower than the standard version, as the set-screw hole has been removed from the collar (which was then removed), and moved to the main part of the hub, under the wheel itself.

This makes for a narrower wheel for tighter installations. We’ve even found we can place the gearmotor gearhead in the hub cavity itself for very tight installations. It’s ideal for mini-sumo, like our 1st place finishing Strong Bad!!


  • Tire:
    • 28mm (1.1″) diameter,
    • 13mm (0.5″) wide
    • 20D durometer
  • Hub:
    • Aluminum construction
    • 12.7mm wide
    • 3mm shaft hole
  • 12grams Total weight

Secure it to your motor shaft with the included 4-40 hex grub/setscrew (requires 0.050 hex wrench, like our HexW050).


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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1.3 cm


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