Raspberry Pi 4B- 8GB SKU: 701461

Raspberry Pi 4B- 8GB

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The Raspberry Pi 4B. A bit faster than the Pi 3 B+, with some well-overdue enhancements!

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It’s the Raspberry Pi 4B. We’re not going to explain what it is, or how it does it – it’s like explaining what a car does. Anybody who needs to use one knows what it does already.

With the Version 3 B+ being pretty darn good, what does it bring to the table over the 3B+? This:

  • ~30% faster with the better CPU (A72 @ 1.5GHz vs A52 @ 1.4GHz)
  • Dedicated USB 2 and 3.0 Ports
  • Dual micro HD monitor ports
  • Proper Gigabit Eithernet! No more sharing the USB bus bandwidth!
  • Bluetooth 5 (vs 4)

Keep in mind it can run hotter under load, but it self-throttles. Best to use a fan/heat-sink for it. Also, power is provided over a USB-C connector. Fortunately, we’ve found USB-micro to -C converters do a fabulous job in keeping your power supply relevant.  It also has a different port configuration, so no reusing cases for you!

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