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3.2" Propeller

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Looking for a way to move air? Mount one of these on a DC motor, and blow some air!

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$0.65 USD
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On of our favorite devices around the office is a small solar-powered airplane that hangs above the workbench. Every so often, it spins up the propeller, and zooms around in circles!

Build your own with a Grand Wing Servo GWS GW/EP3030/BK 82mm Dia x76mm pitch (3.2″ x 3″ pitch) propeller, which is used very successfully in by  “indoor flyer” remote controlled aircraft.

The hub has a 1.5mm hole (0.059″) which matches many suitably-sized motors, like our RM1a motor.


  • 82mm diameter x 76mm pitch (3.2 x 3″)
  • 1.5 hole (0.059″)
  • Orange

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Dimensions 8.2 × 1.2 × 0.55 cm


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