Pimoroni Raspberry Pi LiPo Shim SKU: 701304

Pimoroni Raspberry Pi LiPo Shim

$15.95 CAD

For when you need to be mobile with your Raspberry Pi. Add this shim and a LiPo battery, and you’re good to go!

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$15.95 CAD
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Raspberry Pi (especially the Zero series) are begging to be portable. This LiPo SHIM is just the trick to add a single LiPo cell to the unit and get a solid 5V feed to your Pi.

Installation can be either temporary by using 2×6 pins, or soldering it directly to the GPIO pin header. There’s even GPIO 4 access you can have the Pi monitor for a low battery condition.


  • 2 Pin JST Header
  • Power and Low-Batt LED indicators
  • Capable of 1.5A continuous current
  • 15µA quiescent current
  • 3.4V “low battery” trigger
  • Auto-shutdown at 3.0V


  • This kit requires soldering (for either directly to the Pi, or to attach the plug-in header)
  • This is not also a battery charger, like the Adafruit Powerboost is (and happens to be another useful module for similar purposes)
  • It’s an easy 1-line code add-on to your Pi to have it monitor and auto-shutdown.


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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 3 cm


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