36-Pin Male Snappable Header Strip SKU: MPin36

36-Pin Male Snappable Header Strip

$3.19 CAD

Sometimes…you just need pins. Lots of pins. Not sure how long, but lots. So here’s a strip of 36 that’s a convenient size to ‘snik’ apart to whatever length you need!

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$3.19 CAD
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Pins are cool. They are one of those things you simply need to have a good number and assortment of, but that can get messy. Why not get larger strips, then just break them apart into lengths that are convenient to you?

Here’s such a pin strip:

  • 36 positions
  • Male/Male (standard)
  • 11.54mm (.45″) overall length
  • 3mm (0.12 tail
  • 6mm (0.24″) head
  • 2.54mm (0.1″) spacing

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Weight 0.004 kg
Dimensions 9.25 × 1 × 0.25 cm



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