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Micro:bit Go Microcontroller Learning Kit

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The micro:bit is a pocket-sized codeable computer with Bluetooth, compass sensor, accelerometer sensor, and an LED array. This kit adds on a USB cable, battery holder, and batteries for your next programmable project!

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$27.69 USD


What’s a Micro:bit, compared to the other Controllers?

Arduino = Community-based microcontroller (dedicated) purpose projects
Raspberry Pi =  Community-based microcomputer projects
BBC Micro:bit = Somewhere in between! It’s powerful than Arduino and less “raw” than a Raspberry Pi, making this an excellent, tidy way to get into learning embedded computing!
The BBC (yep, that BBC, David Attenborough, Monty Python, Mr. Bean…) worked with a non-profit joint-venture to create a tool to drive the BBC’s “Make it Digital” initiative to inspire next-generation digital innovators. BOY was it successful! The unit itself is a little bigger than a credit-card, with  impressive features built-in like:
  • Powerful 8MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ controller
  • Tilt (accelerometer) sensor
  • Magnetometer (compass heading) sensor
  • Bluetooth (can communicate with other units & BLE devices)
  • 2 Input buttons
  • 5×5 LED matrix display

It’s programmable with a drag & drop interface (Scratch and Microsoft MakeCode) or Python, and has excellent project lesson plans & experiments for ages 7-14. If you’re looking for a solid and useful, well-designed educational gift, this is it!


  • 32bit ARM cortex-M0 CPU microprocessor
  • Users can create anything from games and animations to scrolling stories at school and home
  • Two programmable buttons for games controller or control music on a smart phone
  • On-board motion detector or 3-axis digital accelerometer that can detect movement
  • 20 pin edge connector (connects to devices such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Galileo and Kano)
  • Micro-USB controller (controlled by a separate processor, presents to computer as a memory stick)
  • Five ring IO including power (PWR), ground (GRD) and 3 x I
  • System LED x 1 yellow, system push button switch x 1, system push button switch x 1

This kit includes a BBC micro:bit, USB cable, Battery holder, 2x AAA batteries, and a quick start guide.

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