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Make12 – Solar Xylophone

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Want to build the Solar Xylophone in Make Volume 12? This bundle will get you started on Rory Nugent’s project.

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$28.90 USD
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We carry pretty much all of the electronic parts you need to build the Solar Xylophone by Rory Nugent in Make Volume 12. So, to save you a ton of time trying to find all of those many parts (and adding 8 of each!) we have compiled them all into one very convenient bundle.

Important – this only provides enough parts to build one of the Xylophone mallet actuators, you will need to order a total of 8 to build exactly the same as the project – or just order exactly as many you need for your project.

Included Parts:

So build away, and when you are done, we’d love to see some pictures! Also, check out Rory’s web page to see some cool photos and videos.

Note: The images are courtesy of Make Magazine and Rory Nugent.

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