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Butane Soldering Iron Kit – Portasol

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Portable Butane Soldering Iron

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$86.19 USD
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Portable Butane Soldering Iron

The Weller Portasol® butane cordless soldering tool gives you the ultimate in portable power and convenience for all your soldering jobs. Slide the fuel button forward, press the piezo switch, and the tool’s super-fast heat-up lets you melt solder in under a minute. This unit is powerful too, adjusting from the equivalent of 25 to 75 watts for temperatures up to 850°F. Refueled with standard butane refills, it lasts for up to an hour of continuous use. When the job is done, an automatic safety fuel cut-off is engaged as the cap is replaced.

P2KC Portasol® Butane Kit Contains: P2C Cordless Soldering Tool, 3/32″ double flat soldering tip, Flame tip, Hot knife tip, Hot air tip, Hot air deflector tip, Sponge and tray, Weller storage case. (Butane not included)


  • Operating temperature: 454°C (850°F)
  • Equivalent Wattage: 25 – 75 Watts
  • Running time: 90 min
  • Self-igniting
  • PPT6, PPT9, PPT10, PPT11, PPT12 tips included

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