CR2032 3V Lithium Coincell Battery

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Here's a common light weight 2032 coincell battery. Great for powering tiny robots, real time clocks and LED throwies!

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These are the batteries most famous for powering the BIOS chip in your PC. Besides that application, we use these batteries in our Tiny Lantern Kit and around the office to test LEDs, they are handy little suckers! Stack 2 together to get 6V, or 3 to get 9V, can do the math, the gist of it is that they are easily stackable to achieve higher voltages. And because they are made with Lithium they are quite the powerhouse for their size! You'll find these for $5+ a piece in stores but we have them for a more affordable price here.

Dimensions: 20mm Diameter x 3.0mm Height
Voltage: 3V

** Please note: shipping restrictions on Lithium batteries limit the quantity we are able to ship in one order.

Fits into products such as:


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Weight 0.0036 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3.15 × 0.5 cm



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