Tobbie II with Micro:Bit Kit SKU: 701658

Tobbie II with Micro:Bit Kit

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Introducing Tobbie II…the coolest and smartest robot ever! Tobbie II combines micro:bit technology with your imagination to create a variety of projects and activities that you can program. The possibilities are endless!

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This Micro:bit comes with LEGS! The Tobbie II is really a splendid mobile robot that leverages the power of the Micro:bit very well.

The Tobbie II is a quickly built, hexipod robot with a 360 degree free-rotation body, including additiona IR sensors to work with the Micro:bit. Programmable with either graphical Javascript Blocks or Python Editor via your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You don’t even need to download the software or drivers, as all coding is done via the web app.


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