PEI Sheet 305x305mm

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The PEI sheets used on glass-bed printer beds are very nice to work with, but can acquire damage over time from prying tools. This is a factory-original replacement.

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Polyetherimide work surfaces are apparently the thang. Sticks well, pretty tough, just a bit expensive. Considering how much polyimide tape and hairspray you may buy to assure good prints, this is a pretty good deal!

This PEI sheet is a direct replacement for the PEI (Polyetherimide) print surface often found on glass-bed printers like the LulzBot TAZ desktop 3D printer. As this sheet is 305x305 (a wee bit oversize than the 300x300 Taz bed), you can apply it and use a razor blade to trim it down to size.

To replace the original, peel it off the glass bed, but remember, it is glass. Avoid stressing the glass by peeling the film back at as close to 180° as you can get. Once removed, use isopropyl or similar solvent to de-gunk the surface. A razor scraper does wonders with this 3M adhesive.

Once clean, peel back one corner just a bit and stick it to a corner of the glass bed. Align one edge, and while peeling the backing paper off, smooth it down from the topside to the glass. You want to avoid bubbles!

If you do find bubbles after application (and yes, you will), you should be able to "massage" them out to the edge. If they're a bit large, puncture the film with a pin and flatten down the film.


  • PEI Sheet Installed Dimensions
  • PEI Thickness (stock PEI sheet used in production): 10mil (0.010in, 0.254mm)
  • Adhesive Thickness: 5mil (0.005in, .127mm)
  • Total Thickness: 15mil (0.015in, 0.381mm)
  • Width (X) x Length (Y): 305mm x 305mm


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Dimensions 15 × 32 × 6 cm


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