Superflex RGB, USB Powered, 4.5m 90 LED Strand, 5cm Spacing SKU: 60699

Superflex RGB, USB Powered, 4.5m 90 LED Strand, 5cm Spacing

$17.50 USD

USB Powered, 90 tiny LEDs of various types, on a 4.5M (14.75′) length of particularly supple Superflex wire strand. Excellent for adding a string of bling to your project.

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$17.50 USD
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Superflex LED strings are aptly named due to their high flexibility and robust enamel coated stranded wire. They are excellent for sewing into clothing, decorating miniature Christmas trees, or for any application that requires flexible lighting in small spaces! This version of our SuperFlex LEDs come with a USB cable attached to make it easy to plug into any 5V USB power adapter.

Please note these particular strings do come with a usb cable, but do not come with an AC power adapter.


  • 4.5M long (14.75′) LED String
  • 1.0M long (3.28′) USB Cable
  • 5cm (1.9″) spacing between LEDs
  • 26 gauge Superflex wire (8 strands of 36awg wire around nylon core)
  • 5V operating voltage
  • LED viewable at ~0.05 mA/ea, functionally bright at 2mA/ea, very bright at 4mA/ea
  • 90 LED string current draw – 118mA (low power) to 238mA (high power)
  • CE authenticated
  • Colour: RGB Cycling

Performance Note: Factory datasheets suggest the LEDs are 20mA rated, but 90 LEDs @ 20mA = 1.8A. Although 26 gauge wire is 2.2A capable, we found powering up the strings over 15mA/LED causes stress to the LEDs closest to the power source. We recommend NOT EXCEEDING 10mA/LED (900mA for whole string) for safe operation.

Performance Note 2: We noticed that some strands may have a few dead LEDs – we will replacement strings for you if there are more than 3 dead LEDs per string.

 Flexibility comparison and RGB string demo:

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Dimensions 10.5 × 9.5 × 3.5 cm


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