Evil Mad Scientist Flickery Flame Soldering Kit - Psychedelic

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Evil Mad Scientists' Flickering Flame, with color-changing LEDs

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Wow man... like, this is ... like six color changing lights. (This is the Psychedelic version of the Flickery Flame Soldering Kit).

This Evil Mad Scientist's Flickery Flame Soldering kit includes the parts needed to create a compact, bright, portable simulated fire perfect for Jack-O-Lanterns, luminarias, holiday displays, scale models, and stage props. It comes with six assorted candle-flicker LEDs. User provides two AA batteries.

Kit contents:

  • Battery Holder (2×AA with switch)
  • The Flickery Flame circuit board
  • 6 × auto color changing LEDs
  • 6 × 68 ohm resistors
  • Velcro dot for (optionally) attaching circuit board to battery holder


Building the kit:

This is a remarkably simple "bite-size" soldering kit, but does still require soldering. Basic electronic soldering skill is required, and you provide standard soldering tools: a soldering iron + solder and small ("flush") wire clippers. No additional knowledge of electronics is required.

Evil Mad Scientist is a trademark of Bantam Tools, used under license.

Additional information

Weight 304 kg
Dimensions 10 × 16 × 2.5 cm


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