LED Embers - Pack of 6 SKU: 60350

LED Embers – Pack of 6

$6.00 USD

Tiny sewable LEDs that shine with two different colors!

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$6.00 USD
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Yes, you’ve seen LEDs, and the ones you can sew them to fabrics. Our spin on them is that our LED Embers are bicolor. We’ve mounted two different LEDs to the same board. Power them up in one direction for one color; reverse the power for the other color, and flicker them back’n’forth quickly for a blended hue!

Check out the video below to see how the color changes:

Embers come in a come in a set of 6, with convenient power-test points to light up the full set for quick color checks before snapping them out.


  • 11.4mm x 4.9mm (0.45″ x 0.19″)
  • 0.318″ spaced 0.086 holes (~2.1mm or 3/32″ dia.)
  • 3.3~5V operation
  • 0805 high-brightness LEDs
  • Presently available in
    • Blue / White
    • Orange / White (orange is practically red)
    • Red / Blue
    • …more combos coming! Email us to give suggestions!

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Weight 0.0009 kg
Dimensions 3 × 2.3 × 0.2 cm


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