16mm Pushbutton Switch Harness SKU: 700934

16mm Pushbutton Switch Harness

$1.95 USD

Push button switch harness for metal push button switch with 5 wires.

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$1.95 USD
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This harness is designed to support the 16mm Push Button Switch series, including the illuminated-ring style. It’s a simple push-fit breakout that brings the normally-open, normally-closed, common, and LED illumination pins out to a set of pre-stripped wires.

  • 3A capable
  • 150mm wire length
  • 5mm stripped ends

To use it with one of the mating switches, plug it in so the switch pin marked “+” (see the close-up image) matches the red wire, and the following wire colours apply:

  • LED + = Red
  • LED – = Black
  • Switch Common = Green
  • Switch NC (normally Closed) = Blue
  • Switch NO (normally Open) = White

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Dimensions 4.70 × 9.40 × 2 cm


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