TN269 2-Cell Li-Ion Charger SKU: 700911

TN269 2-Cell Li-Ion Charger

$33.50 USD

Charge 18650 and 14500 lithium cells with this 2-cell Tenergy battery charger.

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$33.50 USD
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Lithium 18650 and 14500 cells are most useful when you can recharge them after draining their energy reserves and this 2-cell Tenergy battery charger can help with that. This charger comes with a 12V adapter equipped with a North American style plug.



  • Power Adapter: 12V, 1000mA
  • Plug Style: North American
  • Cell Type: 18650 & 14500
  • Cell Count: 2-Cell
  • Indication: Red/Green LED shows charge status




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