Fosshape 600 Heat-formable fabric

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Fosshape is a felt-like polyester fabric that is formable and pliable until it is exposed to heat that collapses it's structure and locks it into place. Fosshape 600 is double the weight of the 300.

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With our recent experiences with the costuming and cosplay communities, we've learned about this wonderful material called "Fosshape". It is described as a "buckram replacement". Great. What is buckram? For the newbie, buckram is... is... ... AH - "A cloth stiffened with gum, used as interfacing".

From playing with it, Fosshape is a felt-like polyester weave that can be stretched and formed over a mold with heat (ideally a steamer). It collapses in thickness and sticks well to itself, forming a firm but pliable surface. Crushable, but still maintains its form.

Fosshape 600 is a heavier, thicker and denser version of the 300, better for more rigorous and structurally intensive pieces of work.

Fosshape Features:

  • Polyester-based chemistry
  • Felt-like texture in raw form
  • Takes dye well
  • Mildew resistant
  • Easily cut with razor / scissors
  • Bonds to itself fairly well (can be layered)
  • Does not fray
  • Heat-formable (best results with clothing steamers)

Fosshape Specifications

  • 4.6mm thick (0.18")
  • 600gm /m2 (18oz per yd2)
  • 45" nominal width

Sizes Available (imperial sizing):

  • Full Yard - 45 x 36" (1.14 x 0.91m)
  • Half Yard - 45 x 18" (1.14m x 40cm)
  • Quarter yard - 22 x 18" (55 x 40cm)
  • Sample - 18 x 11" (40 x 28cm)



Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 114 × 91 × 0.38 cm


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