OpenBeam Extrusion 90mm Length SKU: 52604

OpenBeam Extrusion 90mm Length

$1.92 CAD

This is the ‘beam’ part of ‘Open Beam’, the central building component for the system.


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Wow. The OpenBeam Kickstarter really pulled through, and …it’s nice stuff! We invested in the MakerBeam stuff a while back, and it’s been great for some tinkering, but this OpenBeam really pours on the utility-sauce!

Designed around metric hardware standards (yeah, seems metric is the way to go with this stuff!), the OpenBeam 1515 extrusion features 4 slots that perfectly capture a M3 hex nut or the head of a M3 hex head cap screw.

The center hole channel in the beam can also be tapped to accept an M3 screw, for nifty end-mounting applications The channels down each side of the beam are 3mm wide, handy for 3mm acrylic, 1/8″ wood. Thinner material like (interestingly enough) standard 0.062″ circuit-boards fit nicely into the single thin channel that runs down the center spine. It’s a really well thought-out profile, which is sure to see lots of applications in the DIY machine field!

OpenBeam Extrusions are 90x15x15mm (LxWxH)

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Weight 0.0247 kg
Dimensions 9 × 1.5 × 1.5 cm



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