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1-Channel Relay Interface

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Single channel optically-isolated relay board

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Relays are the Hulks (tm – DC Comics) of the electronics world. Often dumb and simple, but DANG they can control lots of power. These are ideal in situations where you need to comfortably control AC or DC power levels. Transistors and FETs can do the same job, but often not with the convenience and reliability of a good old relay.

This particular model features optically-isolated inputs, meaning the 5V TTL control signal is not exposed to the potentially dangerously high power levels being managed in the relay. It’s safe; isolated; secure! As long as your signal can drive 15~20mA to power the opto-isolator, you are fine!

 Please note: Appearance may differ slightly from photo.


  • 5V rated signal input
  • 1-channel relay module, with opto isolation that keeps your electronics safe
  • The module can be high or low activated by jumper selection. Normally ACTIVE HIGH with the COM/GND bridge. ACTIVE LOW with Vcc tied to In, and a low signal to COM to activate.
    • Be aware that the ACTIVE LOW mode is not as well implemented as the standard mode. All power to drive the relay is pulled through the COM, so you may not be able to activate it with logic-gate pulling low.
  • Power state and relay activation LED indicators
  • Relay maximum ratings: AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A
  • Inputs:
    • VCC – for driving the relay electronics (5V)
    • GND
    • IN – Control line input, 5V, minimum 4mA
    • COM – Jumpered to GND to control for positive signal activation


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