2.1mm Jack Power Adapter SKU: 52248

2.1mm Jack Power Adapter

$3.89 CAD

It’s a pain to solder up barrel jacks, so these screw-terminal based versions are very popular for repurposing DC power supplies to other applications!

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$3.89 CAD
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Use this adapter to turn any two bare wires into a 5.5×2.1mm barrel jack. It utilizes simple screw down terminals to make assembly simple and easy! If you have a need for both the female and male adapters take a look at our Adapter Set.

Is it male? Is it female? Good question. Standard method to figure it out is look at where the final action happens, which is where the pins and sockets meet electrically. Although this jack looks like it may be considered male from a quick glance, it in fact has a opening in the middle to receive the power pin, making this technically a female connector. That’s why we like to refer to it as a “(female) jack” and “(male) socket”.


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