Octoprint Raspberry Pi 3D Printing Bundle

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Manage your 3D printer remotely with this Octoprint Raspberry Pi web interface bundle. Now upgraded with the Raspberry Pi 4B! For filament selection: Click here to see your options and then add a note of which roll you have selected in the “Order Notes” field during checkout.



What is Octoprint? It's a WONDERFUL way to manage and monitor your 3D printer from anywhere on your network. And it's free (although they do take donations, so please support their work - we did).

Octoprint does the following:

  • Access the embedded webcam feed and watch remotely how your printer is creating your newest thing
  • Get constant feedback regarding the current progress of your print job.
  • Take a look at the integrated GCODE visualizer to see a rendition of the GCODE you are currently printing.
  • Keep an eye on the temperatures of your hotends and print bed and adapt them on the fly.
  • Move the print head along all axes, extrude, retract, or just define your own custom controls.
  • Start, stop or just pause your current print job, you are in full control at any time.

We've gone and done the hard work for you by preinstalling OctoPrint onto an 16gb SD Card running NOOBs OS and powered by a Raspberry Pi 4B 2Gb!

Some of you may be asking "But can I get this bundle with the 4gb version of the Raspberry Pi 4B?". The short answer is no, and the long answer is that 2Gb is all you need! We've been testing Octoprint and 2Gb of ram is more than enough to run the service with an onboard slicer, webcam, and printer. But with production shortages, we have been known to make an appropriate adjustment for the increased price of a 4GB or 8GB model (in store only presently - Sorry!).

Bundle Includes:

  • 1x Raspberry Pi 4B 2Gb
  • 1x 16Gb SD Card with Octoprint
  • 1x 5.0V 3.5A USB Type-C Power Supply
  • 1x eSun ABS+ or PLA+ (standard chemistry) 1kg roll of 1.75mm Filament. Click here to see your options and then add a note of which roll you have selected in the “Order Notes” field during checkout.
  • NO Pi Enclosure - print yer own!


Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 20.5 × 10.5 cm


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