3.2 dBi 1/2 Wave Dipole RP-SMA Antenna SKU: 51762

3.2 dBi 1/2 Wave Dipole RP-SMA Antenna

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If you’re going to use a RF module that needs an SMA antenna, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a 152mm swivel/tilt whip with RP-SMA connector!

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$6.00 USD
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Need an antenna to match your RF device? The AC12000 is a 3.2dBi antenna from Synapse Wireless to match their Synapse SNAP modules (the ones that need an RP-SMA plugged antenna).

Here’s the specifications:

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz (single band)
  • Chassi Mount
  • VSWR: 1.9
  • Style: 1/4 Wave, Swivel, Tilt (Right Angle) whip
  • Maximum height of 152mm (5.913″)
  • Terminator plug: RP-SMA
  • Gain: 3.2dBi

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Weight 0.017 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 2 cm


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