GM23 Motor Brackets & 32mm Wheels SKU: 51645

GM23 Motor Brackets & 32mm Wheels

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The microbot revolution has arrived! These brackets and 32mm wheels are much needed accessories to make great use of the tiny GM23 Gear Motor.

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$14.56 USD
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Didel specializes in making parts for miniature robots, so when they approached us to carry the 18mm wheels and brackets, we had to accept. Using the combination of these wheels and brackets with GM23 Gear Motors is ideal for applications such as tiny robots, business card feeders/dispensers, or use the wheels themselves to couple to something larger. A great feature of the wheels is that they incorporate mounting holes if you like to attach external items to the motors like legs, bigger wheels, blinky lights, etc.

Looking for a bit smaller wheel size? Check out the 18mm wheels.


  • 2 x GM23 bracket
  • 2 x 32mm wheel + Phillips mounting screw
  • 5 x 1.5mm x 5.75mm slot-head mounting hardware


  • True hub diameter: 30.2mm (1.188″)
  • True hub + O-ring diameter: 32.8mm (1.291″)
  • Hub thickness: 2mm (0.080″)

 Note: You’ll need to find your smallest Phillips (PH000) and slotted precision screw drivers or bits for fastening down the hardware.

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Dimensions 9.3 × 7.2 × 1.4 cm


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