Pololu Mini Metal EXTENDED Gearmotor Bracket SKU: 51070

Pololu Mini Metal EXTENDED Gearmotor Bracket

$4.19 USD

The GM series of mini gearmotors are very cool, but sometimes faceplate mounting isn’t good enough. Welcome the gearmotor brackets by Pololu!

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$4.19 USD
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The Pololu Micro Metal gearmotor bracket (the motors are metal, the bracket is plastic!) is a really nice way to make a tidy installation of our GM11a-14a style gear motors. It also seals the gearbox against contamination, and locks the gearhead in place with grooves, for a nice, clean, secure fit!

This version has the extended base, which lets you push the gearhead further out for deeper reach, which is useful with the 42x19mm type wheels.

Sold 2 per pack!

Includes two #2-56×7/16″ screws and two nuts per bracket.


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Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1.25 cm


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