40 pin Dupont Female-to-Female Jumper Cable (20 cm) SKU: 45072

40 pin Dupont Female-to-Female Jumper Cable (20 cm)

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This rainbow jumper bundle is quite handy for making a color-coded wiring harnesses. It’s also suitable for all kinds of 0.1″ spacing applications like breadboarding or connecting between headers on PCBs!

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$6.95 USD
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These premium jumper wires are a little over 200mm long and come in a ‘strip’ of 40 (4 pieces of each of ten colors). They have 0.1″ sockets on either end and fit cleanly next to each other on standard-pitch 0.1″ (2.54mm) header. They come in a ‘ribbon strip’ instead of individual wires. You can always pull the ribbon wires off to make individual jumpers, or keep them together to make neatly organized wire harnesses.

We suggest picking up some extra-long break-away header pins as well, you can stick those into the sockets to turn the cables into female-male or male-female jumpers! Makes for a great harness for a robot or other tightly packed hobby electronics applications.


  • Female to Female socket configuration
  • 20cm (7-3/4″ long}
  • Square-body pin/receptacles
  • 40 conductors, multicolored
  • Dupont style crimp-connections

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Weight 0.033 kg
Dimensions 21 × 8 × 0.6 cm



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