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Vacuum Pump – 12V

$15.95 USD

This air pump really blows! This pump operates at 12V and has enough power for most small projects.

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$15.95 USD
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Supply voltage is 12 V DC (minimum working voltage 9VDC), consumes 0.6-1.2A, depending on load. Creates a pressure of at least 30PSI (3 Bar). Allowed continuous compressor operation – 5 hours.

What’s cool about this pump is that the valve is all plastic and electrically isolated from the motor. We tried it and it’s pretty zippy!


  • 12V operation
  • 1/4″ barbs
  • 30PSI (3 Bar) pressure
  • 15PSI vacuum range
  • Gross weight 245g

Note: This is a pneumatic pump designed for moving air and while it could be used with water our customers have seen that that some pumps aren’t completely sealed and do leak, added sealant would be required for full encapsulation.


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Weight 0.2875 kg
Dimensions 8.912 × 6.247 × 3.869 cm


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