Hakko / CHP Curved Tweezers, 118mm SKU: 43030

Hakko / CHP Curved Tweezers, 118mm

$6.89 USD

This curved 118mm tweezer is perfect for handling small objects like SMD components.

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$6.89 USD
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These American Hakko Tweezers are made in Italy from high quality stainless steel – a real asset for anyone who needs to work with fine items like surface mount components.

The very fine point curved tip allows for maximum visibility, while still allowing for exacting control and placement. They’re also great for removing splinters !


  • TIP: Very Fine Point
  • Size: 118mm

One last thought on the tools you use:

Buy cheap crappy ones to find out if you like them. Wear it out? Or does it bend and break? Then get the best you can afford.

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Dimensions 13 × 2 × 1 cm


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