MicroUSB 1A LiPoly Charging Module SKU: 40420

MicroUSB 1A LiPoly Charging Module

$2.99 CAD

Excellent for building a portable project with a single LiPoly, and recharge it from microUSB!

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$2.99 CAD
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Most portable projects are now using LiPoly battery technology, but it requires a more finicky method of charging. This TP4056-based module makes it trivial to add a dedicated single-cell charger to your project, powered by any microUSB power source.


  • Single-cell charger for Lithium chemistry cells
  • Preset for 1000mA, but is configurable down to 30mA by resistor change
  • MicroUSB interface
  • Red/Green Charging/Charged LED indicators


  • NanJing Top Power ASIC TP4056 Standalone Li-Ion charger
  • 4.5~8V VDC input
  • 25x19mm (1×0.75″)

Note: In default configuration, this charger will pull as much as 3.7W from a USB port, which are nominally rated 2.5W on a standard PC. Make sure you use a USB charger or powered USB hub.

Cells are becoming very tolerant of high-current charging, but for the best battery life, use the 1/3 rule of thumb. A 1000mAh cell is best treated by charging at approximately 300mA. If desired, adjust the maximum charge rate of your module by replacing the small SMD resistor “R1” with a value listed below:

R1(K)      I(mA)
30              50
20              70
10             130
5              250
4              300
3              400
2              580
1.66          690
1.5           780
1.33         900
1.2(std)    1000


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