Buck Converter with LED display

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DC-DC Converter Step Down Power Module LED Display Output 1.25V-37V

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Need a high quality power supply for your project?  Here's a very cool piece of kit. Feed up to 40V into this guy and get anything from 1.25 - 37VDC out, with up to 2A continuous (assuming your input has sufficient power)! Top it all off with a built-in voltage meter for easy adjustment.


  • Voltage Display of Vin and Vout
  • Voltage accuracy: +-0.05V
  • Input Voltage Range: 4.0 - 40V (must be 1.5V higher than Vout)
  • Output Voltage Range: 1.25 - 37V
  • Left switch: Voltage Display On/Off Switch
  • Right Switch: Voltage Display toggle (in/out)
  • Voltmeter Calibration
  • Peak Current: 3A
  • Nominal Current: 2A
  • Maximum Power: 15W
  • Size:6.1*3.4*12cm


  • To adjust output voltage, adjust the multi-turn trim pot using a screw driver while measuring the output voltage on a voltmeter.
  • To ensure that the voltage meter accuracy, please make sure that the input voltage is 4.5V or more.
  • Voltmeter fine-tuning: hold down the Right button for 1-2 seconds and release to enter fine-tuning mode, then adjust voltage display up or down by pressing left or right buttons.  Once configured, press and hold Right button for 1-2 seconds to exit fine tuning mode.
  • The Voltage Meter can be turned off, for minimum power loss. To do so, press and release the left button until the display disappears.


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