3~6VDC to 400kV DC Boost module SKU: 34005

3~6VDC to 400kV DC Boost module

$9.95 USD

DC 3-6V in, 400KV out, high voltage generator inverter… DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!

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$9.95 USD


Ever wanted to create a spark? How about a BIG spark? These are DANGEROUS!


  • Input voltage: DC 3V to 6V
  • Input current: 2A – 5A
  • Output voltage: 400000V (DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE)
  • High pressure discharge distance between: 10mm – 20mm
  • Output high voltage wire length: 100mm
  • Dimensions:24x22x63mm
  • Input power cord length: 100mm (the red line is positive)


  • Red Wire: Positive INPUT
  • Green Wire: Negative INPUT
  • Orange Wires: (on opposite side) High voltage OUTPUT

Note: These modules should not be operated with no load. Do not exceed the maximum arc distance. Damager will occur if energy build up without discharge. These modules are not for continuous use. Do not allow more than 1 minute of output. Do not short outputs together.

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