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Magnetic Contact Switch

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This magnetic contact switch is nice and small, and is designed for flush or countersink installations.

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$2.75 USD
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The switch handles gaps of up to 1 inch between the magnet and the switch. The switch will turn the digital input “on” when the magnet is within 1″ of the switch, and will turn it “off” when the contact is broken by moving the magnet away.


  • Flush or countersunk installation
  • Wide Gap, up to 1 inch
  • 45cm (18″) white 22AWG cable
  • Comes with a 1/2″ rare earth magnet


  • Switch size: 1/4″ diameter
  • Cable length: 45cm (18″)
  • Cable size: 22AWG
  • Color: White
  • Gap size: up to 1″


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Dimensions 15.408 × 7.401 × 0.64 cm


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