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Grove – Gas Sensor (MQ9)

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The Grove MQ9 sensor specializes in sensing Carbon Monoxide, Methane, and Liquified Petroleum Gas vapour.

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$8.10 USD
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The Grove sensor series features a set of inexpensive, interesting gas sensor modules. Here, the MQ9 sensor specializes detecting Carbon Monoxide, Coal gas (CH4), and Liquified Natural Gas vapour.


  • Grove interface compatible
  • Hanwei Electronics MQ9 sensor
  • Sensitive to
    • Carbon Monoxide CO (10-1000 parts per million)
    • Methane CH4 (100-10,000 parts per million)
    • Liquified Petroleum Gas LPG (100-10,000 parts per million)
  • 4.9-5.1VDC
  • 0.5-800mW power consumption
  • Adjustable load resistance
  • 33ohm heater resistance
  • 3-30k sensor resistance
  • -25 to +70 degrees C (-13 ~ 158 deg F) operational temperature
  • Stable performance, long life, low cost



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