Grove - LED Strip Driver (mono and RGB) SKU: 29046

Grove – LED Strip Driver (mono and RGB)

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Use Grove to simplify your project, and in this case, to add LED strip lights. Drives both mono-colour and RGB styles, up to 3A per channel.

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$10.69 USD
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Blinging out a project with RGB strip LEDs is easier with the Grove LED strip driver. No worrying about over/underdriving the LEDs – just apply up to 12VDC to the module and use your Arduino-compatible to set the intensities with the Seeedstudios library.

  • Grove-compatible interface
  • Being Grove, mutliple units can be cascaded for additional control
  • Allows PWM control of each color channel
  • 256 gray-levels are adjustable via programming
  • Arduino and MEGA compatible
  • Screw terminals for power input and signal output


  • 12V maximum input
  • 3A maximum delivery current



LED Strip Driver documentation
Github – LED_Strip_Suli

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