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ATmega328P-20PU Microcontroller

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This unit is a higher-capacity version of the ATmega168 – more than TWICE the flash memory for sketches (30K available instead of 14K), TWICE the RAM (2K instead of 1K), TWICE the EEPROM (1K instead of 512b)

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$8.95 USD
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Update – Dec 16 2021:

Wow. 2021 supply-chain issues are making modern silicon harder to find. We’ve even had to see if we can dig up some of the original ATMega328 stock to help the hacker community, and here they are, while they last!

The Atmel AVR ATmega328 is a “fatter” brother to the very popular ATmega168P-PU, which is used as the heart of many Arduino / Freeduino SB microcontroller units. The ATmega 328 runs pretty much the same speed, with same pinout, but features more than twice the flash memory (30k vs 14k) and twice the EEPROM (1Kb vs 512b).

Flash EEPROM SRAM Speed Volts
32Kb 1Kb 2048B 0-20MHz 1.8-5.5V

The AVR series of microcontrollers are right up there with Microchip PIC products. Powerful, inexpensive, and programmable with some very good open source software (look up GCC), with a vibrant user community.

Here are more key features:

  • 28 Pin narrow DIP package (0.3″)
  • 32Kb byte self-programmable Flash
  • 1Kb EEPROM
  • 2048 byte internal SRAM
  • Two 8bit timer
  • One 16bit timer
  • 6 Pulse-width modulators
  • 6 10-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADC)
  • 2 8-bit ADCs
  • SPI
  • WDT
  • 23-programmable I/O lines
  • Has lots of other neat TLAs (three-letter acronyms)
Note: This chip is not preloaded with the Arduino firmware.

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