PICAXE-08 Motor Driver Board SKU: 28640

PICAXE-08 Motor Driver Board

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If you thought the PICAXE was a handy chip on it’s own, try it with a bundled L293D motor driver chip! This will let you make very small and tidy motorized projects with the simplicity of the PICAXE development system!

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$14.95 USD
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If you thought the tiny, convenient 8-pin PICAXE-08M was handy, imaging combining it into a board with the really handy L293D motor driver IC.. This is about as simple as a board can get to let you conveniently drive 4 outputs from a PICAXE.


  • PICAXE-08 microcontroller
  • Programming jack
  • 4 outputs on pins 0,1,2,3, which can drive up to 4 motors unidirectionally (one-way), or two motors bidirectionally


  • L293D based motor driver
  • 6VDC maximum input
  • 800mA maximum drive current

But keep in mind that this is a simple board, and you are restricted to running it at a maximum of 6V, so that means your motor (or other loads) should not total more than 800mA at 4.5V (the L293D “eats” 1.5V).


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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 cm


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