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PICAXE-14M2 replaces the 14M, and offers the impressive suite of features of the M2 series in a DIP package.

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$3.95 USD
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PICAXE continues to improve their product offerings.

This New PICAXE-14M2 Features

  • 14-pin DIP package
  • Up to 1800 program lines
  • 1.8V to 5.5V input voltage. Ideal for 2 cell, 3V battery packs!
  • 8 parallel task capable
  • Runs up to 32MHz
  • 4 PWM channels, with hardware PWM support
  • Supports Keyboard and RF Radio functions
  • Offers internal temperature sensor reading
  • Supports ring tones, servos, digital temperature sensors, infra-red I/O on any pin
  • Supports DAC, SR latch, hardware serial commands, I2C and motor PWM control



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