USB PICAXE Programming Cable SKU: 28405

USB PICAXE Programming Cable

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This 6′ long cable allows you to program your PICAXE using a USB port on your PC.

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$21.95 USD
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This cable allows you to program all PICAXE chips via a USB port instead of a serial port. It replaces the serial cable in every way and can be used with any software that supports PICAXE programming with the serial cable.

Cable is 6′ long.


  • Always plug in the USB cable before starting the Programming Editor software.
  • Always use the USB cable in the same USB port on your computer. The Windows operating system regards each individual USB port as a unique location. Therefore if you plug your cable into a different USB port you may be prompted by Windows to reinstall the driver files for this new location.

Also available in a serial version.


PICAXE is a trademark of Revolution Education.

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