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DC-16 Output Expander

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The EFX-Tek DC-16 Output Expander adds extra 16 more DC outputs to your Prop-1 or Prop-2. HVW Technologies is your source in Canada for EFX-Tek products!

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$29.95 USD
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With 8 I/O lines on the Prop-1 and 16 I/O lines on the Prop-2, you’d think you would have enough lines for most projects. Well, once you start adding lots of more sensors, you may be surprised when you don’t have quite enough to get your project done.

What to do? Here’s a solution – add another 16 DC outputs that are controllable from just a single Prop-1/Prop-2 pin.

The DC-16 is designed to receive serial communication from a Prop-1 or Prop-2 or similar microcontroller (2400/38.4k baud – jumper selectable), and can be chained up with up to 3 other DC-16 (because they are addressable) for a total of 64 digital outputs. These outputs can drive high-current solenoids, lights and relays through its ULN2803 drivers.

Here are the technical specifications:

The DC-16 boards offers the following command vocabulary:

  • S – Setup all Outputs (set all 16 outputs to desired on/off values)
  • X – Clear all Outputs (deactivates all 16 outputs)
  • L – Setup Low Outputs (set OUT1 –> OUT8 to desired on/off values)
  • H – Setup High Outputs (set OUT9 –> OUT16 to desired on/off values)
  • P – Set/Reset Individual Output Port (set single desired output to desired on/off value)
  • G – Get Ports Status (Reports back to microcontroller the on/off status of all 16 ports)

Remember, although the DC-16 is designed for use with the Prop-1 or Prop-2, the simple serial command syntax can be easily used with practically any other microcontroller!


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