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VS-19 Pico Linear Servo

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The VS-19 Pico Linear Servo is a tiny linear actuator with 2cm of travel. The uses for this linear motor are endless, we’ll leave it to you to find a killer application for it.

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$16.50 USD
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Remember all those projects where you thought to yourself  “I really wish I had some kind of linear motion for this”, well now there is an affordable solution! After all these years of waiting, we are now finally blessed with the gift of linear actuation. The only limit to this servo signal driven actuator is your imagination! Use it to turn ‘on’ and ‘off’ light switches, raise and lower legs, trigger a latch, and/or bring up the periscope. It’s also perfect for stealthy remote control applications. You could always use it to make your own angry useless box as well.

This actuator accepts a servo pulse from 800 – 2200 microseconds (uS) with a neutral position of 1500 uS. The traveling nub takes about a second to move from one side of the channel to the other (2cm) at 3.7V. This actuator can run at voltages as low as 2.5V, but be aware it gets a lot slower at that voltage.

Please Note: This linear actuator runs at 3.7V so if you are using this in a standard servo application circuit you will have to drop the voltage supply from 5V down a bit to around 3.7V, with either a voltage regulator or a couple diodes in series (ex: 1N4001).


  • 3.7VDC Operating voltage (do not power with 5VDC!)
  • 60gm*cm (0.83 in*oz) torque at 3.7VDC
  • 12mm/sec (0.47″/sec) travel speed, no load at 3.7VDC
  • 150mA unloaded travelling current draw
  • 450mA stalled current draw
  • 29×7.3×15.7mm (1.14×0.29×0.62″)
  • 3.7g (0.13oz)

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Weight 0.0037 kg
Dimensions 9.96 × 1.867 × 0.727 cm


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