4 Wheels & Motor Upgrade Kit SKU: 22055

4 Wheels & Motor Upgrade Kit

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This surplus wheel set comes with one motor, two sets of wheels (two standard, two wide plastic studded tires and plastic hubs) and four guide rollers.

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$2.00 USD
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This is technically a “Hypersonic Tune-Up Parts Set” that, according to the almighty packaging, will “Give SUPER-SPEED and STYLE to your HYPER CARS and RACING SETS.” These sets come in a random pick of red, yellow, blue, green, or black wheels.

The motor itself is based on the popular FF-130 form-factor, which is also the same size used in our GM2/3/8/9 gear motors, and is also a match for our RM2 (a similarly high-power motor). In fact, you can swap the motor in this kit with any of the motors in the above-listed gearmotors for some serious performance upgrades. Be warned: As good as they are, this sort of upgrade totally and utterly will be abusing the gearbox. Expect a related decrease in mechanical lifetime!

Specifications: Check out our tested stats for the included “SUPER HYPER MOTOR” (we’re lucky they didn’t use any more awesome adjectives – it would have made an overload of incredibleness):

  • Current @ 1.5V: 900mA
  • Current @ 3.0V: 2.8A
  • Current @ 5.0V: 5+A (don’t try this at home, kids. It’s a good way to fry a motor)
  • RPM @ 1.5 V: 13,200
  • RPM @ 3.0V: 24,500
  • RPM @ 5.0V: Lots

We highly suggest lubricating this motor with some light oil before use.

You might also like to know that this set is “compatible with hypersonic bullet cars and other 1/32 scale vehicles”. We’re not sure if anyone will actually find that handy or not, but there you go. Something you will find mind-blowing, though… The packaging further enlightens us “SUPER-SPEED MOTOR 344M.P.H TO SCALE”. Awesome.

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