SparkFun Pi Wedge (Preassembled) SKU: 21038

SparkFun Pi Wedge (Preassembled)

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The Raspberry Pi series of “single board computers” all have a 40-pin GPIO breakout, but it isn’t breadboard friendly. Use the Pi Wedge to bring these lines out to your breadboard

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$14.99 USD
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The Raspberry Pi offers unique expandability through the 40-pin GPIO it features. The SparkFun Pi Wedge cables into this, and breaks the pins out to your breadboard. What’s even of more use is the convenient FTDI-style USB-to-TTL connector on one end that lets you tap straight into the serial comms line of the Raspi for simple & quick monitoring of the terminal.

It’s a pretty handy tool for doing hardware hacking with the Raspberry Pi.


  • Includes 40-conductor, 2×20 6″ breakout cable
  • Power smoothing capacitors preinstalled
  • 6-pin FTDI-compatible serial monitor breakout port included

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