SB4 97x64mm, Snappable Solder Breadboard SKU: 20972

SB4 97x64mm, Snappable Solder Breadboard

$5.30 USD

It’s a handy little solderable breadboard, scored for easy snapping into quadrants for subcircuits.

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$5.30 USD
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Here’s a handy breadboard from BPS that starts 97x64mm (3.8×2.5″), but snaps into 1/4 that size (if you need it to).

We find it ideal for transferring breadboard circuits into something more permanent, and when it’s proven, snap them apart and wire the sub-sections together in the final project.


  • Full size: 97x64mm (3.8×2.5″)
  • Snaps into 48x30mm (3.2×1.5″) quadrants for easy separation
  • Silkscreen lines showing pad connectivity
  • 0.042″ holes on 0.1″ centers

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Weight 0.0203 kg
Dimensions 9.8 × 2.5 × 0.2 cm



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