Adafruit PowerBoost 500 - Basic SKU: 18934

Adafruit PowerBoost 500 – Basic

$9.95 USD

Get 5.2V USB-style power @ 500mA from as low as 1.8VDC

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$9.95 USD
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Remember the Mintyboost? Oh yeah – it’s a nifty project. But Adafruit has engineered this finished module to slide into the same application, which is to take a low-voltage source, and turn it into a nice 5.2V power supply, with benefits.

First of all, why 5.2V instead of a solid 5V? The extra 0.2V will adequately compensate for any connector and cable losses between this module and the project you are powering. Even so, feeding 5.2V into a “5V” designed device is quite safe. Feel comfortable using this to power your Arduino / RaspPi / BeagleBone / etc…


  • 2A Switching capacity. This means you can get at least:
    • 500mA from a 1.8V source,
    • 750mA from 2 AA alkaline/rechargeables,
    • over 1A from a 3.7V LiPoly/Li-Ion or 3-cell battery pack!
  • 3.2V Low battery indicator, which is ideal when using LiPoly/Li-Ion cells
  • 500mA charge current Apple/IOS resistor settings
  • Full pin breakout for the battery, enable, control, and power out lines for embedding onto a breadboard
  • 90% operating efficiency in most operational conditions
  • 5mA quiescent current (doing nothing), and 20uA current in disabled mode
  • Included optional USB A jack for turning it into a USB power-point
  • Includes footprint for using a 3.5mm 2-pin terminal block
  • 28x22x2mm (1.1×0.9×0.08″), 7mm high (0.3″) with JST header
  • Weight: 3g

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