Fine Braid Super Wick - 0.8mm SKU: 181280

Fine Braid Super Wick – 0.8mm

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Superwick, White – 1mm x 1.5M

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$3.79 USD
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Superwick, White – 1mm x 1.5M

Any place you can put solder in, you can take it out with SUPER WICK. Remove the most expensive circuitry with confidence. Just lay the SUPER WICK on the soldered joint, apply the tip of the soldering iron to the topside of the joint until the solder melts, and lift the iron and SUPER WICK together to leave a clean connection ready for component removal or replacement. SUPER WICK is pure copper and specially wound in static-free bobbins.


  • RMA type flux
  • Static dissipative spools
  • Meets MIL-F-14256F (ANSI/J-STD-0004)
  • RoHS compliant

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Weight 0.009 kg
Dimensions 9.70 × 6.60 × 1 cm



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