NOOBS OS for Raspberry Pi - 8GB MicroSDHC SKU: 17219

NOOBS OS for Raspberry Pi – 8GB MicroSDHC

$9.85 USD

Pre-burned NOOBS operating system for the Raspberry Pi (all versions).

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$9.85 USD
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So you’re getting a Raspberry Pi… and now you realize you need to get it an SD card so it can run an operating system. The “New Out Of the Box” image makes being a Raspberry Pi beginner much, much easier.

When you boot up with NOOBs on the SDCard, it presents you with a simple menu of what image you would like to download/install onto the remaining space on the card. After installation, it stays hidden in the background, so you can try a different one, or freshen up a corrupted installation. Just hold down the “shift” key during the Raspberry Pi boot sequence.

We’re burning the latest NOOBs image on our own name-brand, class-10 8GB SD cards.


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