SparkFun Barrel Jack Power Switch - M-F SKU: 15032

SparkFun Barrel Jack Power Switch – M-F

$3.50 USD

Instead of yanking and plugging 2.1″ power connectors, toggle the power with this short inline power switch.

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$3.50 USD
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Turn it on? Find the power cable end, and plug it in.

Turn it off? Unplug it, drop cable, and immediately lose the end.

Oy. If you have a project that you need to cycle power to often, you’ll wonder why the project just doesn’t have a power switch of its own (we’re looking at you, Arduino!). Although you can manually yank the power out of the socket, it’s often inconvenient or impossible due to mounting concerns. This little power switch solves this problem by adding a nice little toggle switch in between your power supply and the board.


  • 2A Rated
  • Switch Body: ≈ 61 x 27 x 23mm
  • Cable: 85mm long (each side)
  • Barrel Connector: 2.1mm tip x 5.5mm long

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Weight 0.0245 kg
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 1 cm


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