150mm Futaba-style Servo cable, Double Female SKU: 15006

150mm Futaba-style Servo cable, Double Female

$1.50 USD

Just a standard 0.1″ pitch Futaba-style servo jumper cable, with female connectors on both sides.

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$1.50 USD
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Sometimes you just need to plug something into a servo-compatible header, and you really don’t want to snip that cable off that perfectly good servo in your parts bin. This is an affordable cable you can hack into your project with no guilt. Snip in half for two 75mm cables, or peel off one of the ends and solder directly to the crimped sockets on the ends for full-length use.

Or use it as it’s intended – as a 3-conductor jumper with servo connectors.


  • 0.1″ pitch Female Futaba-compatible socket connectors on each end
  • 150mm (5.9″) length
  • 3 conductors, 26 AWG cable
  • Black / Red / White wire colors

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Weight 0.0021 kg
Dimensions 17 × 0.8 × 0.3 cm


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