40T GT2 8mm bore Timing Pulley SKU: 14420

40T GT2 8mm bore Timing Pulley

$9.95 USD

40 Tooth 8mm Bore Pinion Pulley, ideal for stepper motors (GT2 style)

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$9.95 USD
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These pulleys have a large 8mm bore and are designed to accommodate flanged bearings. Simply insert bearings on either side of the pulley and anchor with a M4 set screw. These pulleys allow belts up to 6mm in width. They can be used for building pan and tilt systems, 3D printers, camera sliders, XY tables, robotic drive mechanisms, etc.

Bearings not included


  • 240 Tooth GT2
  • 8mm bore
  • 6mm tooth width
  • Dual set screws

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Weight 0.0182 kg
Dimensions 3 × 1.6 × 1.6 cm


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