Losi Micro-T MX2.0 2-pin connector set, wired SKU: 14235

Losi Micro-T MX2.0 2-pin connector set, wired

$1.25 USD

Losi Micro-T MX2.0 power connector set (male/female) are excellent low-profile battery connectors with 160mm (6″) wires, rated 2A

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$1.25 USD
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These Losi MX2.0 power connector sets come as a male/female set, each attached to a pair of 160mm (6″) wires. They’re officially JST-DS “microblade” connectors used on Losi Micro-T racers (and micro AUV’s too), rated 2A per connector. We like them on wearables, as they pull apart under excessive tension (avoids rips), and they’re low-profile.


  • Low Profile
  • “Click” connection, but not locked-in
  • Prewired red & black 160mm (6″) 26AWG wire
  • 2A rated


  • Molex 51005-2P / 51006-2P arrangement
  • 2mm pitch spacing
  • 2 conductor
  • CSA LR19980 / UL E29179 certification


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Weight 0.002 kg
Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 0.3 cm



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